The Maintenance of Leather

Leather is appreciated for its high quality, but of course, its durability depends on the use and on the maintenance habits.  So, follow our advice in order to keep your leather items in top condition. Remember that the best maintenance is always done with preventive care.

What to do in the case of water?

If you have a leather bag for example, a sudden rainy day can stain your bag. The first thing to do is to dry the wet part as soon as possible, without rubbing it. Also, do not expose leather directly to sunlight! And, of course, do not use a hairdryer, because that can damage leather very bad. If you do not dry it quickly, water can leave a permanent mark on your item.

How to store your leather product

Another important factor for the maintenance of leather is the storage. If you are not using the item, like a bag for example, you can place some paper inside of it in order to keep its shape. Do not use printed paper because it can leave stains. Of course, the item should not be store up in a humid or damp location. Using a dust bag is also recommendable.

In general, in case of stains, marks or just for general cleaning purposes, it is always better to go to a professional leather cleaner. This specialist will use leather softeners and proper products by leather chemical companies that will make the item look like new again.


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