Leather or fabric: which gloves to choose for the Spring?

For those of you riding a motorcycle or a scooter, a pair of gloves are useful – and also a trend – even in Spring. Many people think, naively, that the glove is a purely winter garment, but it is not. Of course, protecting your hands from cold, rain and moisture is perhaps the prerogative of this accessory, but it is not the only goal.

In addition to the protection against atmospheric agents, gloves must ensure:

  • Protection from the vibration of the handlebars. Especially during long journeys, hands and wrists are subject to great vibrational stress.
  • Protection in case of falls and slips. We do not need to specify why it is better to have something between the skin and the hard asphalt in case of an accident, right?
  • Protection for the joints: muscles and tendons of the wrists and fingers are subject to great stress while driving.

Leather or fabric then?

Is it then better a leather or fabric product? For instance, technical features are very different. The leather has the great advantage of being more resistant to abrasion, but at the same time soft, thanks to leather softeners. Moreover, it is a status symbol for centaurs all over the world. Moreover, thanks to leather pigments, you can find a huge assortment of colours. On the other hand, the fabric is usually more practical to wear, requires less maintenance and is cheaper.

In the end, beyond the choice of the material, the fundamental thing is that a glove assures solid and safe protection.



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