Leather or artificial leather: advantages and disadvantages

The difference between leather and artificial leather is one of the most debated topics of recent times in fashion. What ist he best choice for our clothing or our upholstery?

Let’s see today the advantages and disadvantages of leather vs. Artificial leather.

We talk about leather, when we about animal skins used for the production of clothing and accessories, such as: bags, shoes, belts or for the upholstery of sofas and car seats. Leather can derive from the skin of cows, sheeps, buffalos, pigs, and also snakes, crocodiles and kangaroos. The colour can vary thanks to leather pigments and it has to be treated with specific leather chemistry in order to maintain an optimal appearance over time.

What are the advantages of real leather?

  • It is precious, for the priceless value of the raw material.
  • It is versatile, due to the multiplicity of items that can be obtained from it.
  • It is robust, thanks to its natural composition.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

What about the disadvantages?

  • High cost, due to the raw materials and artisanal treatments
  • Not washable
  • Low level of breathability

And what about artificial leather? To the touch and to the sight it looks like real leather, but in reality it is a plastic material, of non-animal origin. Its advantages are:

  • Convenience of the price
  • Heat resistance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Does not alter with exposure to light
  • Water-repellent

And what the disadvantages? Artificial leather is

  • Absolutely not breathable
  • With wear it tends to deteriorate over time
  • It lacks softness and freshness to the touch

We hope to have clarified with this article the difference between leather and artificial leather. The choice is now up to you.


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