What is leather?

In the history of fashion, one material has always been an evergreen, even with the alternation of various styles: this is leather, the most versatile and sophisticated material that nature can offer.

Leather was one of the first materials that mankind has learned to work and use. Used in the past, as a container for water and food, it has become then a decorative element, but above all, the ideal material for the creation of clothes, accessories, and even juwels. Leather can be used in hundreds of ways because its structure is strong and resistant and from that, it is possible to obtain a multitude of workings, shapes, textures and colors thanks to leather pigments.

It is in the most modern times that leather has found its definitive role in the world of fashion thanks to the famous leather jacket. Cinema stars such as Marlon Brando or James Dean have contributed to make it a symbol of disobedience against the moralist and respectable society of the 50s.

But the real revolution for this material will be in the ’70s, thanks to Vivienne Westwood that, inspired by the Punk movement, decided to create collections based entirely on leather. A little later, Yves Saint Laurent inserted the leather into his collections too, officially launching leather into the world of luxury.

In the last 40 years, the use of leather has had a continuous growth. Thanks to leather chemistry, it is now possible to obtain different colors, leather clothes that are printed, engraved or painted, as well as every type of leather creation. This material has definitely become a must of our wardrobe.


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